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Thank you for visiting my website. Whether it's because you are searching for a photographer, or only for your love or interest in photography, or just perhaps looking for inspiration... either way I hope that you will enjoy every moment of it.

My name is Liezel van Wyk, better known as Nakkie and I would like to share more about myself and what I have to offer.

I believe that excellence is the result of doing something with the right amount of love and care, that it should come from the heart and most importantly that you should truly be passionate about it. Since I can remember I had this fascination for art, whether its interior designing, painting, drawing or photography.  I just loved it all, and now for the past 6 years I had the great joy and pleasure to pursue the fascinating and wonderful art of photography.

I grew up on the farm Soetmelksvlei in the Overberg and 14 years ago came to live, once again on a farm near Nieuwoudtville, called Gannabos.   The world's largest quiver tree forest in the Southern hemisphere is situated on this farm.  This and the fact that I love nature, people, especially children and beautiful landscapes will therefore be evident in my work, producing photos with a natural setting and backgrounds, making my clients feel comfortable and relaxed while capturing a true portrait of their personalities.

One of my greatest challenges and surely the most rewarding will definitely be wedding photography, mainly because it's probably the single most important day in two people's lives' and it's my privilege to share this day with them and capture these moments through my lens...!!! My goal is to create stylish, elegant and timeless images for every bridal couple!

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What is caught on film is captured forever... remembering the little things long after you have forgotten everything."