Welcome to my website.  Whether it's because you are searching for a photographer, or only for your love or interest in photography, or just perhaps looking for inspiration...  either way I hope that you will enjoy every moment of it.

My name is Liezel van Wyk, better known as Nakkie and I would like to share more about myself and what I have to offer.

I grew up on the farm Soetmelksvlei in the Overberg.  Since I can remember I had this fascination for art, whether it’s interior designing, painting, crafting or photography.  A child of the earth and sky, and everything in between, experiencing the world through all my senses.

In 2003 I settled for married life on a farm near Nieuwoudtville, called Gannabos.  The world's largest quiver tree forest in the Southern hemisphere is situated on this farm.  Here I discovered an immense satisfaction for photography and to see true beauty where it is least expected.  Giving me the ability to love, share and inspire in a totally new dimension.

Starting out with wedding and family photography, my love for nature was overwhelming to the point of choosing between the two. 

I’ve now set my sights primarily on landscape, nature, macro and lifestyle photography.  Living it from dusk till dawn, absorbing the energy in the changing of seasons and most of all, the fauna and flora adding an abundance of life in life itself.  Not totally setting aside my love for people, I still enjoy using models in a natural outdoor setting, creating portraits for personal and commercial publishing.

I believe that excellence is the result of doing something with the right amount of love and care, that it should come from the heart and most importantly that you should truly be passionate about it.  Providing quality images for any form of art from canvas to advertisement.  My aim is to capture the present so we’ll remember the past and look forward to the future.